There is a lot of time spent in traffic these days. I put the truck in park and try to improve my powers of observation. There is of course a wealth of information about the human condition. I try to observe objectively and not let preconceived notions get in the way!

Naturally, being a gardener, I both judge and covet other people’s yards.

I take Meeting House occasionally to speed up my trip to the Katama area. The road is rather bumpy and dusty and requires good shocks on the vehicle. At the Meshacket turn a rambling rose has managed to get all the way to the top of a telephone pole. It’s pretty adorable. I hope this does not alert the powers that be to poison the poor thing to get off the pole.

Elio at the Vineyard Grocer has a nice wildflower display in front of the store. Chicory and Queen Anne’s Lace are blooming like mad.

Speaking of chicory, I grew quite a bit of radicchio this spring. Why is beyond me. I do not like it as it is way too bitter unless grilled with some nice balsamic vinegar. At any rate, it is a chicory and if it goes to seed has lonely sky blue flowers. It will come back another year, so it could be sown in a meadow. Just saying. The same goes for cilantro. It makes a delicate white flower and will continue reseeding.

The house at the bottom of the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road always looks put together. The blue door, red chairs and blue pots are arranged in a pleasing fashion and help keep life in perspective when no one lets me out onto State Road.

The trumpet vines are blooming. There is a nice one opposite Webaqua on County Road in Oak Bluffs. There is a great one at the top of the Tashmoo overlook in a very dead tree. Hope the town resists the temptation to cut it down off-season.

I am developing a fondness for yucca. There are several in bloom on the Mae Fane property on the left going up-Island past lower Lambert’s Cove Road.

I am trying to rid my garden of artemisia. For some crazy reason I planted it years ago. How I regret that decision. It is popping up everywhere. Its common name is wormwood which you may recall is the ingredient in absinthe. Fortunately for the world I wouldn’t drink it.

I simply can’t keep up with the weeding. Some are over my head for Pete’s sake. I stand on a desired plant while pulling giant weeds so as not to dislodge it. I do find weeding pleasurable. It makes me feel all is right with the world and I have a tiny bit of control.

I finally ate a tomato. It was a small cherry-type called Glacier. It doesn’t mind a cool spring. I got the rest of the crop into the ground in less than a timely fashion. Oh well. They will come along and still be overwhelmed any day now. Such is life!

David Letterman and Jon Stewart regret their retirement decisions what with Donald Trump providing plenty of comedic material. Honestly, I wish I could find it funnier.

The latest outrage over his disrespect of the military service of John McCain is pretty interesting. The same people didn’t seem to mind the swift boating of John Kerry or Max Cleland, a triple amputee from his service to our country. Believe me, I’m no fan of John McCain. Hello, Sarah Palin! However, the man spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton being tortured. That has to mean something. What did Donald Trump do during the Vietnam War???