Vineyard House is offering food, music and a vast variety of waters, both still and sparkling, for its annual water tasting fundraiser held on Thursday, August 6 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Captain Flanders House.

The 18th annual fundraiser will provide necessary funding for Vineyard House, currently the Island’s only recovery home, to continue to assist those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, a problem that has only grown in size over the years.

“What we offer residents is not covered by the rent they pay, there’s a shortfall,” said Vineyard House president Mark Jenkins. “And what we do is we cover it with a couple of fundraisers like this one.”

The event will feature live music provided by David Stanwood on the piano and the Brazilian instrumental group Choro Das Tres, while the food comes courtesy of Local Smoke and Chef Alladdin El-Akkad from Passion Foods. Vineyard House has announced that “other special guests” will also be attending, to be publicized closer to the event.

“It’s rain or shine as always,” said Mr. Jenkins. “And it’s early enough in the evening that if you have another social engagement, that’s fine, you can.”

In addition to revenue from the sale of tickets, which can be purchased on the Vineyard House website,, for $100 each, the event plans to raise money through a silent auction and raffle which will feature items such as a kiteboard signed by Rob Douglas, known as the world’s fastest sailor, or a private flight to Nantucket and a lunch for two.

Vineyard House typically provides subsidized housing for around 24 individuals, both men and women, who are in early recovery. The annual benefit is essential to being able to provide that housing, said Mr. Jenkins. “There really are many good causes on this Island but this happens to be one of the ones that really affects local people and I really think people recognize that,” he said. “They want to help, and this will.”