Every year at this time I am filled with regrets. Why didn’t I plant the winter squashes sooner? Why did I let so many peas go unpicked? How did the weed situation get so dire? Couldn’t I stake a few things?

Hope, however, springs eternal. I planted a few things on the dust bowl hoping for a decent fall garden. Carrots planted now will be perfect around Thanksgiving. They can be covered with some hay bales after a few frosts and be sweet and delicious for most of the winter. Beets take just a couple of months and will enjoy the cooler temperatures by the end of September.

I planted some Boston pickling cucumbers and Provider bush beans. They take a mere 50 days until harvest so I should be rewarded before Halloween. I almost gave up as the newly prepared beds were so dry that I didn’t have the heart to expose the poor seeds to such terrible conditions. Let me, once again, express my gratitude for a clean water source and workable hoses. All should be well in a few days of heavy water.

I know it is pointless to complain about the weather but, honestly, will it EVER rain? We start the morning saying “Okay, not another beautiful perfect day.”

I would like to clarify something from last week’s column. When I spoke of the residence of Mary Macy and Gratia Harrington, it is called “The Fourway.” It is not at a four-way intersection. I love how during the time period at the end of the Victorian Age people often named their homes. I wish I did that when I moved in four decades ago. Seems wrong this late!

Petunias are falling out of favor with me. I’m sick of deadheading them. If the task is neglected they get all rangy and unattractive. I try to revive them by cutting way back but they never come around in a timely fashion. Their cousin, million bells, is even worse.

Ocean Park is particularly lovely this year. The just-about-to-bloom large sedums are quite spectacular. I am really fond of all the sedums. Talk about drought tolerant. They emerge early in the spring, look great all summer, put out large sturdy flowers, and dry for winter interest, both on the plant and cut for an indoor dried arrangement. I confess, I gold spray paint them for Christmas wreaths and baskets.

Their only drawback is that they are a favorite of deer. I’m surprised frankly, that I have not had more deer damage. The woods are so dry that I can imagine the poor things are pretty thirsty and hungry.

Morrice Florist on State Road has a nice stand of bright red roses. I haven’t stopped in to look closely at the variety. I suppose they could be knockouts. They bloom reliably all summer if deadheaded frequently. Reasonably, I’m fond of the one-time June bloomers who put on a great show. Then, a quick fertilize until the next season. Gardening is a journey not a destination.

I was completely happy on Sunday afternoon. I attended a panel discussion at the Chilmark Community Center. It was part of the Book Festival. Alex Jones moderated a panel that included Jeff Fager, executive producer of 60 Minutes; one of my favorite New York Times columnists, Charles Blow; and former Congressman Barney Frank. They discussed the news media and its influence on politics.

How fitting! This week Fox News is hosting a GOP presidential hopeful debate. They are only allowing 10 of the 17 competitors. It is not good news for the seven who left out. We all know Fox News runs the Republican Party.

Barney Frank’s first question was about Donald Trump. As you can imagine, he warmed immediately to the subject. Barney has been “telling it like it is” for over 30 years in the House of Representatives so Trump is really late to the show.

I will give the Donald credit. He is not taking money from the Koch brothers.