I love rain. Tuesday was a personal favorite. We worked outside. I cannot say enough about proper rain gear. I have a nice set of Guy Cotten. Made in France, it is a heavy duty material. I purchased it at SBS and have never regretted it. Some of the lighter weight ones are fine for dashing in and out but all day outside requires more coverage.

I always wear rain pants. Nothing is worse than water telescoping down the back of the jacket and soaking the entire lower half. If I forget proper shoes I would rather be barefoot than squishing around in waterlogged footwear. Bogs are a good choice. They offer more support than simple rain boots. A quick spritz of WD 40 on the Felcos at the end of the day will keep them from rusting.

I, for one, was so relieved to have an entire day without the sun shining mercilessly. Trees along the dirt roads received a nice rinse. Everything has been so dusty.

I spoke with a young woman on the porch of the Chilmark Store at lunch during the rain. She was equally happy. She was visiting from California and said it’s been about four years of no rain where she lives. Wow! At least we are still green.

During a morning walk recently, I noticed a large patch of baby locust trees in the field below the Tashmoo overlook. They were over three feet tall. That field had been mowed just this past June. Pretty impressive for barely a sip of water since then.

I threw some sugar snap peas into a barely prepared bed this week. Hopefully I’ll eat a few pods before we get a freeze. Peas do not mind a cold snap early in the spring but are not fond of a chill as they reach maturity.

I picked a half-bushel of paste tomatoes but was too busy to squeeze the juice and jar them. I picked the stems and tossed them into the freezer in zip-lock bags. This winter I can run them under hot water, slip the skins and make a sauce when I have some time.

It’s hard to believe that summer is about to wind down. I feel sad and relieved at the same time. I much prefer fall gardening. It is cooler and, thankfully, the days shorter so I have the sense to finally come inside at a reasonable hour.

This past week was the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I thought about my dad. He was in Tokyo Harbor during the signing of the surrender. He could see all the officials on the deck of the USS Missouri with a pair of binoculars from his destroyer, the Gatling. His previous assignment was on the Hambleton. That ship swept the harbor for missiles before the big event.

This is my segue into the Iran nuclear deal. We are really something we Americans! We actually did nuke other human beings and yet are still paranoid that someone might do it to us. Could we just maybe give peace a chance, for crying out loud?

How can I end a column without at least some mention of Donald Trump. Fox News has gone crazy concerning his comments about Megyn Kelly. They barely mentioned his bullying of Katy Tur a month ago. We all know he’s a chauvinist and an egomaniac. Where was the outrage over Scott Walker saying he would not approve an abortion even to save the life of the mother? Don’t even get me started about the things they say about Hillary or Nancy Pelosi.

Remarkably, Donald still leads in the polls of Republican voters. Have mercy!