Mother Nature is now playing with us. The cool weather arrived and then just when I got the long sleeves out of storage she decided it was time for more heat. Now they are saying cold. Welcome to fall. Because of the rain the leaves are falling very fast and the colors have not given us the bright fall colors yet. We will see.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Thomas Sykes, who celebrated his day Oct. 11, Agata Rodriques on Oct. 13, Kenneth Cook 3rd on Oct. 14, and to Reese McCracken, who celebrated on Oct. 15.

The derby is coming to an end. This weekend will be a fish-a-thon until the last weigh in. That means whatever the chore is that is going on in any fisherman’s house will not be completed until the last bell rings. But then it is family scalloping, then the hunting begins, and so nothing will be done on weekends until February. That is of course if there is no snow on the ground. Then it might get done by April. But wait, then it is spring and you are too busy to start that old project again until September. And then you have just two weeks until the derby starts again. Oh well, you didn’t want that old chore done anyway.

Holly Mercier and her life partner Chad Pouliot have been traveling a lot to Maine. They bought a cute little, or should I say rustic, cabin in Unity, that is just deep enough in the woods to be a nice getaway. They have been busy fixing it up and exploring the area. They take their four labs with them, who all think they have died and gone to heaven up there with all the running space and the smells of all the wildlife.

On this last trip they found a small stream and I am sure they will find something new in all the other trips. They also had a moose pay them a visit. I am sure Chad’s a little nervous that Holly will figure out a way to incorporate it into their menagerie of four legged friends, which include four dogs, one cat, one rabbit and four chickens. Boy would that moose be happy to be a part of this family.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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