I’m wondering if it could be more perfect than the weather over the Columbus Day weekend. Then, happily, we got a ton of rain on Tuesday morning. I must say it was quite impressive driving in the deluge. A stop at 7a with several hardy folks made me delighted with life on the Vineyard. Everyone was absolutely drenched but in great moods. Not one person was complaining. It had been such a hot dry summer, we were relieved to have some interesting weather.

Then, by noon, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Proof positive of the saying about New England weather. If you don’t like it, wait a little while, it will change.

A few weeks ago I mentioned all the domestic turkeys at the Mae Fain property on State Road just after Lower Lambert’s Cove. The article called Miss Fain, Mary. I am not positive of the spelling but it is Mae. Trina Kingsbury phoned with a little history of the property. She was going to get back to me on the proper spelling. I will keep you posted.

Recently, I noticed a large number of goats on the property. I am assuming it is the Scapegoat company. The goats are for rent to rid one’s lands of poison ivy, prickers and all sorts of undesirables.

Quick diversion — when the President was here, he was attending a party next to said goats. I guess there was an escape followed by Secret Service at the chase. I would have loved to see that.

I miss Rew, Pa. at this time of year. The fall colors are much more brilliant there than here. We used to say the mountains looked like big bowls of Trix cereal, with the reds, oranges and yellows.

It is much more subtle here. It seems poison ivy, bittersweet, Virginia creeper and wild grapes are the dominant colors.

It’s odd how the burning bushes are in varying shades of red. The two huge ones at the entrance to Dodger’s Hole are full-on scarlet, while mine is barely staring to turn.

As you know, they are now considered invasive and are no longer available to buy.

Late summer got away from me, sadly. I was not able to make time to process some grape juice. Although time consuming, it is a favorite of my family. I use Concords, although they are tricky to pick clean and make a mess of everything. Once washed and stemmed, put them in a large pot with water to cover. Bring them to a simmer (about 190 degrees) and do not allow them to boil. Run through a cheesecloth covered colander and chill the juice. Very carefully pour off the top so as not to disturb the sediment at the bottom of the pan. Sweeten to taste and completely enjoy. I water bath quarts for 30 minutes to preserve for winter.

It was a sad week on the Vineyard. We lost Trudy Taylor. She and I traded gardening tips for years and enjoyed each other’s canaries. She had hers fly free in an attached greenhouse. A kindred spirit, she never hesitated to voice her opinion. Lucky that the Taylor family got to have her for so long.

Big week in politics. Dr. Ben Carson said he, unlike the latest school shooting victims, would not let himself be shot. House majority leader Kevin McCarthy admitted what we all know — the Benghazi hearings are a witch hunt of Secretary Clinton. Representative Tom Cotton of Arkansas would like Dick Cheney as the new Speaker of the House (have mercy). Finally, Donald Trump continues to reassure us of his greatness. He said he is so popular because he is so attractive and handsome.

I’m about to switch the television on to watch Anderson Cooper moderate the first Democratic primary debate. Guess it will provide some material for next week!