Tisbury and West Tisbury police are investigating the theft of mail from several mailboxes in the Lambert’s Cove area, including mail stolen from the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation off Lambert’s Cove road on Dec. 19.

With end-of-year tax deadlines approaching, Sheriff’s Meadow executive director Adam Moore said the stolen mail likely contains checks for donations to the land conservation group.

He asked donors to contact him directly if they have mailed a check recently.

“A number of people did,” Mr. Moore said. “Some people called and it turns out we received those checks, and some people called and it turns out we did not. This is a very busy time of the year. December and June are our busiest months for donations.”

In an e-mail to supporters, Mr. Moore said he had arranged for mail to be held at the Vineyard Haven post office to be picked up by a foundation staffer.

Lieut. Eerik Meisner of the Tisbury police department said investigators have not yet identified a suspect.

In other locations near the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation office, police found mail scattered on the ground.

“It all seems to be concentrated in one particular area, and it seems to be over a period of time,” Lieutenant Meisner said. “Most of our victims are not year-round residents, so they may not be aware.”

He said one resident did come to the police station to collect mail recovered by investigators.