On a chilly afternoon this week, Annie Foley and her right-hand-woman Chantale Legare welcomed a steady stream of customers with cups of hearty vegetable soup topped with parsley, or chicken tikka masala.

A new restaurant in town? Not really. A food truck near you? No again. How about a commercial kitchen, tucked away at the airport business park.

Ms. Foley owns Annie Foley Catering, which she started in 1990. During the summer, she and Ms. Legare are in constant chaos preparing for weddings and events. Come winter, everything slows down and Ms. Foley is left with a fully functioning commercial kitchen and some free time. This past December, she decided to try doing a small take-out business, run right out of the kitchen.

Enter Starlite Lounge. Hard to find, but worth the investigative effort.

Ms. Foley thought up the name while looking at the stars. “It just made me laugh,” she said. “And I thought if I dither about it too long, I’ll never settle on a name, and it still makes me laugh.”

Departing from the fare she serves at weddings and other events, Ms. Foley offers home cooked meals served right off the stove and packaged in a brown paper lunch bag. She calls it “mom food.” Chicken pot pies, macaroni and cheese, beef stew, paninis, lasagna, chilli, it’s food that sticks to the ribs. There is also the ultimate mom dessert, chocolate chip cookies.

“The guys are working outside, they want something warm and solid,” said Ms. Legare.

The food is prepared the morning of, or the afternoon before, but they’ve decided to keep some chicken pot pies and shepherd pies in the freezer for customers who want to bring home dinner. The pies are some of their top sellers.

“This is what people want,” Ms. Foley said. “We’re making homemade comfort food. I’m trying to get the business park people, people passing by and also people who don’t have time to cook for dinner, there’s something they can take home, but it’s all different from what we do in the summer.”

Ms. Foley and Ms. Legare are able to dish out food quickly, with only two menu items per day. As the seasons change the menu will change as well. Salad experimentation will begin in the spring. Menus are listed each day on their Facebook page and scribbled across a dry erase board at the front of the shop.

While committed to the off-season crowd, Starlite will be taking a winter vacation in February, dates yet to be determined. It will remain open March through May.

Starlite Lounge Takeaway is open from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday at 10 North Line, Airport Business Park. Turn right about 10 yards after the FedEx turnoff, next to Vineyard Bottled Waters. Look for the burlap covered sandwich board with a metal star on it.