Mocha Mott’s coffee shop in Oak Bluffs will be closed for repairs at least until May after a burst pipe flooded the basement-level store last Tuesday.

During the last week of a planned closure to replace the floors at the flagship store, temperatures dropped and a pipe above the shop froze, burst, and flooded the store, co-owner Meredith Aldrich said Thursday.

Co-owner Tim Dobel surveys the damage at the shop on Thursday. — Heather Hamacek

Ms. Aldrich was vacationing in Belize when the incident took place. Upon landing at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, Cape Air employee and frequent Mott’s customer Tim Johnson handed over her bag and the much heavier news of the flooding.

“He said, ‘I’m really sorry to hear about the closure,’ and I was like ‘What do you mean? We’re just replacing the floors,’” Ms. Aldrich recalled.

Her business partner Tim Dobel picked her up and told her the extent of the damage. Mr. Dobel said there was an inch of water on the shop floor when he came in to assess the damage.

Mr. Dobel and Ms. Aldrich have co-owned Mocha Mott’s since 2001, when they took over from founder Mott Hinkley. Mocha Mott’s has been operating at 10 Circuit avenue for 22 years.

Ms. Aldrich called the flooding “the worst possible scenario” and said the floors, walls and ceiling were all waterlogged and most if not all of their machinery was broken.

“If any water got in that espresso machine, that’s trash,” she said. “All of our equipment is electrical.”

The ball is rolling on repairs; everything has been moved out of the store, damaging is being assessed and the debris cleaned up. The new floors that had just been installed will have to be totally replaced.

But Ms. Aldrich remains positive about the situation.

“It’s not the first bad thing to happen and it won’t be the last,” she said, though she added the timing was unfortunate, as so few places are open in the off-season.

Meanwhile, the Mott’s crew continues to serve up coffees, baked goods, specials and soups at their Vineyard Haven location, and Ms. Aldrich is always glad to see regular customers come by the shop.

“Seeing smiling faces certainly helps,” she said.

The optimistic plan is to reopen the Oak Bluffs location in May, but Ms. Aldrich said that may be pushing it. When they do reopen, she said, “We’re going to be bigger, better and faster.”