Chappy ferry owner Peter Wells advised selectmen at their Monday meeting he will be requesting the use of half of the Memorial Wharf parking lot to transport a new temporary mobile phone tower to Chappaquiddick.

Details of the transport are still being planned, but Mr. Wells said he will need to use the parking lot some time in late March or early April.

David Cotton of Northampton is the driver who will bring the equipment.

“He’s going to bring ballast, block, wire,” Mr. Wells said. “It’s a big truck, way too heavy for the ferry.”

Mr. Wells plans to unload the cargo onto smaller trucks, which can be safely transported to Chappaquiddick aboard the ferry, and will need the Memorial Wharf parking spaces to stage the transfer.

After winning the support of a committee appointed to explore alternative mobile phone technologies, AT&T began work on a temporary mobile phone system on Chappaquiddick that they hope to have in operation by Memorial Day.

The phone carrier hoped to use an existing tower owned by Bob Fynbo, who operates a wireless service from a facility located on Sampson avenue, but that proved unsuitable for the heavier antenna equipment. The company’s alternative plan calls for a temporary tower, which could be removed when a permanent solution is constructed.

AT&T told the Gazette by email that the temporary tower would be 104 feet in height and 24 inches in diamater. It is a unipole design, which means the antennas are concealed inside the pole at the top and do not protrude beyond the structure.

AT&T will appear before the Edgartown planning board on March 15 to request a special permit for the temporary tower.