Temporary Cell Tower on the Way for Chappy

Chappy ferry owner Peter Wells will request half the Memorial Wharf parking lot to transport a temporary mobile phone tower to Chappaquiddick.

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Chappy Residents Voice Concerns Over Possible Cell Tower

Edgartown selectmen agreed Monday to form a new committee to study options for mobile phone service on Chappaquiddick amid concern from residents that a cell tower will be built on the small, rural island.

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Katama Silo to be Repurposed as Cell Tower

A long-awaited project to bring improved cell service to the Katama part of Edgartown moves forward this week, following the completion of a lease with telecommunications company AT&T.

The company will pay the town $28,000 per year for the use of an abandoned silo at Katama Farm.
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Liquor License on Hold for Bookstore's Expanded Cafe

The Edgartown selectmen have reconsidered granting a liquor license to Edgartown Books after learning they did not have the proper approval from other town boards. Last week, the board approved an all-alcohol license for the cafe behind the bookstore, but on Monday the decision was put on hold.

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West Tisbury Approves Cell Tower Near Tisbury Great Pond

Improved cell phone service will becoming to West Tisbury after the town zoning board of appeals approved a special permit for a tower off New Lane, near Tisbury Great Pond.

The board approved a 66 foot monopine for Verizon at their monthly meeting last Thursday, board chairman Tucker Hubbell said. The monopine will have fiberglass branches and a pole painted brown to resemble a pine tree.

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Cell Tower Dilemma
In Verizon’s application for a cell tower in West Tisbury the Vineyard is facing a dilemma that is of growing concern and action across the country. Simply that people like cell phones — but don’t like to see cell towers. Sophistication and market size of cell phones is growing rapidly. Each step up of capability means shorter range of transmission. The number and density of cell towers will increase. But how many towers will be needed in the future?
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Cell Tower Gets Unwelcome Reception

Verizon’s proposal to build a cell phone tower to improve service in West Tisbury came before the Martha’s Vineyard Commission last week, sparking a long discussion and volumes of correspondence protesting the location of the tower near Tisbury Great Pond.

The company has proposed installing an 80-foot tower on a 50-square-foot piece of land on New Lane in West Tisbury, and has identified three potential locations for the tower. Two of the sites are in the inland zone of the coastal district of critical planning concern.

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Chappy Residents Press for Cable, Cell Phone Service

While debate continues about the placement of cell phone towers in other parts of the Island, Chappaquiddick residents continue to fight to bring cell phone and cable service to the small island off the coast of downtown Edgartown.

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Katama Neighbors Protest Plan to Convert Silo to Cell Tower

Concerns about cellular radiation — either real or perceived — have prompted several Katama residents to protest a plan by AT&T to place a cell antenna in an abandoned silo on town-owned property at the Farm Institute.

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West Tisbury Wary of Cell Tower Plan

A majority of West Tisbury residents at a packed public meeting on Wednesday spoke against a plan from American Tower Corporation to build a distributed antenna system (DAS) to improve cell phone coverage in the three up-Island towns.

Many who attended the meeting cited concerns about safety, questioning whether radio frequency from the towers would pose a danger to humans, while others said they worried a series of new utility poles needed for the system would ruin scenic vistas and infringe on people’s property.

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