Upon arriving at the old Carnegie library building that had temporarily housed the Edgartown Post Office, Vicki Bologna threw her hands in the air. The post office was closed and business had resumed at the building near the Triangle, a note on the door informed her.

No more library visits for Edgartown postal customers. — Mark Lovewell

“I knew they were saying June first. I was surprised it was that soon,” she said. “I’m annoyed [that I came to the library], but I’m happy for them.” She said the post office staff had handled the unforeseen relocation well.

The central Edgartown Post Office closed in early April after sustaining water damage from a construction project on the second story of the building. Postal operations temporarily shifted to the former Edgartown library building, where mail was filed on empty shelves and customers stepped up to the circulation desk to pick up packages.

The town of Edgartown sent out a text message Tuesday morning announcing the post office was open at its official spot. Red, white and blue bunting adorned the railing outside the building, and the U.S. Post Office sign rested on a bench.

Inside the newly-renovated post office a long line had formed in front of the counter. Walls were painted a bright robin’s egg blue and post office boxes looked shiny and new. Customers came and went from the newly-shingled building, checking their boxes and picking up and dropping off packages. Leah Fraumeni stood near the back of the line. She had also read about the reopening from the note on the door of the Carnegie building.

Edgartown post office reopens after two month closure. — Mark Lovewell

“We don’t have to find our mail in the mystery section,” she said. “Literally your mail could be under nonfiction, fiction, mystery —it’s been quite a headache.”

Now the post office just needs to catch up with the extra work involved in the move, Ms. Fraumeni observed.

“The line is like Vineyard Haven,” she said.

June Ameen, an Edgartown postal customer for more than 20 years, said found out the post office was open through the text message sent by the town. She said some concerns linger.

“It looks bright and nice, but that’s never been the issue,” Ms. Ameen said. “It’s been the efficiency and service.”

Meanwhile, the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank branch next to the post office remains closed; more extensive renovations are still under way on that part of the building.