What I hope will stand forever as the pinnacle of gun violence in our community was experienced by me recently at Lucia Moffett’s memorial service. Throughout the service, the harsh staccato of an incessant fusillade from the Rod and Gun Club, invisibly deep behind the trees on an adjacent lot, was a stunning, almost comical counterpoint to Lucia’s service. It was surreal in the extreme.

However, Lucia is a person whose very presence brings a stabilizing serenity and wisdom to most any situation. And so she prevailed again, gathered with us in the palm of God’s hand — a lovely meadow with a vista that celebrates the bounty and beauty of unfettered coastal life on Planet Home, gracefully capped by an acknowledgement and nod to eternal realities, fashioned by another of our dear departed fiends, Travis Tuck.

The gunfire next door, far from ruinous to our celebration of Lucia’s time among us, deepened one’s contemplation of the cherished values Lucia stood tall for . . . and how we might improve our own posture.

Now’s the time.

Allen Look
West Tisbury