On Sunday, July 17, the Gatchell families of Oak Bluffs will be donating to the Portuguese American Feast, solar-powered, handcrafted lighthouses in memory of the following people: Otis & Mary Rogers, Mary Ann Alwardt, Donald Billings, Robert Phillips, Daniel Kaeka 3rd, Richard (Buzzy) Blankenship, Robert Tilton, Donald Ben David, Dennis P. Alley, George Santos Sr., Arthur Ben David, George White.

These lighthouse are approximately 32 inches tall and look like the East Chop Lighthouse. They are designed for everyday, outdoor use. But we know many who use them indoors, as a night light after being in the sun during the day. The feast takes place at the Holy Ghost Society on Vineyard avenue in Oak Bluffs. All are welcome. The Gatchells are sorry for the loss of these people, and this is our small way of keeping their memory alive.

Robert Gatchell
Oak Bluffs