The board of the African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard is pleased to announce their winners of their annual research project:

First prize awards ($50):

James Sashin, Slavery on Martha’s Vineyard. Judges’ comments: Powerful topic, well researched, great graphics, information we did not know.

Joshua Da Silva Tate, The People of Africa in Brazil. Judges’ comments: Excellent research, information we did not know, beautifully presented, impressed by the personal connection made and the searching questions raised.

Ethan Danielson, Black Lives Matter. Judges’ comments: Well researched, links history to today’s issues, raises thoughtful questions.

Robson Borges, African American Heritage Trail: Slavery and Fugitives on Martha’s Vineyard. Judges’ comments: Used key facts to develop topic, strong conclusion, extremely well written and a lot of personality coming through.

Jack Sayre/Axel Cooperrider, Black Lives Matter, an original composition. Judges’ comments: Very creative and moving, very emotional, used a medium where they excel and produced a provocative piece of music, appreciated by peers, loved how they worked together, playing off of each other, very cool.

Nainoa Cooperrider/Jonas Grooters-Lukawitz, These Days - an original composition. Judges’ comments: Loved the format and commend the students’ political awareness and knowledge of history, very relevant, very creative, full of facts and emotions.

Ben Nadelstein, Protest. Judges’ comments: Loved the personal presentation, very relevant, very well prepared, liked the participatory nature, thought provoking, learned a great deal.

Honorable Mentions ($20):

Jamilyn Joseph, From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter. Judges’ comments: Like the transition from the 1960s to now and I love the big question that kept you engaged.. “but did the civil rights movement ever end?

Violet Kennedy, Why this country needs strong women. Judges’ comments: Beautifully written, original topic, well researched and relevant.

Olivia Knight, A Fugitive in Menemsha. Judges’ comments: Loved the personal connection and placing an old issue before people today, great question: “what would you do?”

Maddy Csapo Moreis, Shearer Cottage. Judges’ comments:Well written, good graphics, nice collage, loved the two questions posed at the end, good research nicely presented.

Shay Sullivan, Anne Jennings. Judges’ comments: very original topic, well research, great presentation, interesting subject.

Judges were Julia Wells, Lara O’Brien, Rachel Araujo, Diamond Araujo, Carrie Camillo Tankard, Chris Connors, Kevin McGrath, Joel Weintraub, Ewell Hopkins and Mike Power.