After 20 years in downtown Vineyard Haven, Midnight Farm will close its doors for good on Dec. 31.

The upscale boutique owned by Tamara Weiss opened in 1996, steps away from Main street on Cromwell lane. Carly Simon was a major investor and business partner. Begun as a home goods store specializing in the unique, Midnight Farm was an extension of Ms. Weiss’s style. She would travel all over the world, collecting items from books and art to clothing and candles to populate the shelves. In 2012, the store moved to its current location at 44 Main street.

In the beginning, Midnight Farm would stay open until 10 p.m. accommodating the lively nights in downtown Vineyard Haven, but it hasn’t been that way in years, Ms. Weiss said. The retail business has been increasingly difficult which led to the bittersweet decision to close the store, she said.

Store items are up to 60 per cent off. — Mark Lovewell

“I tried to work on seeing how I could keep it open; it just became obvious that I couldn’t, it crept up on me. I think it had a really good run, and I’m trying to stay positive that it had a long successful life on the Vineyard.”

Midnight Farm spawned other creations, including the cookbook Potluck at Midnight Farm and the children’s book, Midnight Farm written by Carly Simon. The store also hosted music and poetry events and trade shows. Ms. Weiss eventually branched out into doing interior design work.

“I enjoyed bringing the Midnight Farm to other parts of the Island,” she said.

But best of all were the friendships that blossomed because of the store, Ms. Weiss said. She became close with customers, artisans and the town itself through her store.

“It became a place for people to congregate and meet and hang out,” she said. “I really encouraged customers to come and hang.”

Closing Midnight Farm is more than just personally difficult. Ms. Weiss also worries about the changes happening in downtown Vineyard Haven. Midnight Farm is the latest in a series of closures on Main street.

“I just hate to contribute to another empty store front,” she said. “I hope something wonderful takes my place.”

Ms. Weiss said she hopes expanding the liquor licenses in town will bring more restaurants and spark the Vineyard Haven night scene back to life.

“I really believe in Vineyard Haven,” she said. “I hope it returns to the town I know it will be.”

Everything at Midnight Farm will be 60 per cent off until closing. Ms. Weiss will continue bringing the Midnight Farm look into homes through her interior design business. She is also producing a documentary film as well as working on some other film projects.

“I’m on to some new adventures, but it’s been a real love affair,” she said. “Not just with my employees and customers, but with the town of Vineyard Haven.”

To read a letter of thank you from Tamara Weiss.