The freight ferry Sankaty collided with the Island Home Friday evening while backing into the slip in Woods Hole.

There were no injuries or serious damage to either of the ferries, boat line general manager Wayne Lamson told the Gazette.

Mr. Lamson said the Sankaty was backing into a ferry slip in Woods Hole at about 6 p.m. when it bumped into the Island Home, which was in the other slip. The Sankaty was scraped above the rub rail, which caused a slight crease in the bulwark, he said. The Island Home was also scraped.

There was no damage to the Sankaty’s hull, Mr. Lamson said, and the damage was mainly cosmetic and can be addressed the next time the boat is hauled out for service and repairs. He said it wasn’t clear if the wind was a factor in the incident, which is called an allision—the nautical term for when a moving boat hits a stationary boat.

The Coast Guard responded and gave the Steamship Authority the go-ahead to resume service. Mr. Lamson said the Sankaty’s 6:30 p.m. trip to the Vineyard was delayed by about an hour and the return trip would also be delayed. The Island Home continued to run on schedule.

Mr. Lamson said an extra crew had been called in and the Sankaty was running three extra trips Friday evening because of increased demand for ferry service during the holiday weekend.