I spoke too soon. Last week I commented that we have yet to have a proper winter. Then, before the ink had dried, a major blizzard was upon us. I dislike losing power but I tried to remain grateful. I have a wood stove, a gas range, plenty of candles and, thankfully, no addiction to electronic devices. I am fond of being forced indoors for a day or two. I can use some serious regrouping.

By the weekend I spent a great deal of time in the greenhouse. There were tons of onions and leeks to be bumped up into larger containers and more seeds to be sown. I started a few varieties of lavender, monarde, hollyhocks, dianthus, broccoli and sage. Everything needs to be frost-tolerant this time of year. Once they germinate on a 60 degree propagating mat, I move them on to shelves. They will freeze on a cold night but don’t seem to mind. They thaw midday and come right along.

One positive aspect of this situation is the lack of bugs, especially aphids and white fly, which sometimes plague a heated greenhouse.

Sometime in August I planted a row of collards in the open ground. They were eaten to the quick by cabbage worms. Also, I did not separate them until mid-October. They were downright pathetic at that point; mere sticks. Nevertheless, I sprayed them with some Captain Jacks and walked away.

Last Tuesday, before the storm, I picked an enormous arm load of perfect leaves and enjoyed them for several meals. Isn’t nature grand?

Last week I ran into Chris Fischer and Krishana Collins on the ferry. They gave me a dozen oysters. Thanks guys. It has been so long since I had them. I could not locate and oyster knife so I cheated and opened them in the oven.

I prepared them with garlic, tons of parsley, olive oil, butter and cayenne pepper on capellini. I was so delighted until I remembered the fried oysters that Joey Hall used to prepare at the Back Dog Tavern back in the day. Trust me, they were memorable. I must get that recipe.

I have both crocuses and snowdrops up, but yet to bloom. They are pretty adorable poking through the snow cover. My helleborus are, in fact, blooming but very close to the ground still.

On Sunday afternoon I took a little trip to the community greenhouse on New York avenue. Although it was overcast it was wonderfully green and warm in there. Keep it in mind when the time comes to purchase some starts and hanging baskets. I think the prices are very reasonable and it is good to support a community interest.

Does the media and the public at large suffer from some sort of amnesia. I know the big storm this week is the firing of Michael Flynn. He “misled” Vice President Pence about his conversation with the Russian ambassador. Let’s back up, shall we? He discussed the sanctions placed on Russia by then President Obama for interfering in our election. This seems to get a big ho-hum from the powers that be. There was no problem with the endless investigation of Hillary Clinton!

Oh and one more thing, the only D grade I received in school or college was in Economics 101. Obviously this is not my strong suit. Just look at my bank account. Anyway, Trump’s continued threats to place tariffs on foreign goods, has me wondering. Walmart moves into anytown, USA. The small local stores go out of business. The promised jobs pay so poorly that food stamps are needed. Then we put a big tax on those cheap Chinese goods and who pays? The consumer. Now there is no competition left in town, so John Q. Public is out of luck, but his boy, Donnie says it will be great again?