When Tanya Tagaq sings it is as if the earth itself has joined the conversation. An Inuit throat singer, Ms. Tagaq gasps, groans, chants, moans, screeches and screams, stretching her voice in ways most have not tried, let alone thought of. Her voice transforms into a snarling animal, creaking wood or a screeching hawk. It pierces and it soars.

For one night only, Ms. Tagaq will perform at the Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center in live accompaniment with the silent film Nanook of the North. This is the last installment of the Winter Yard Series.

“It turns the idea of live accompaniment for silent movies on its head,” said Yard art director David White.

Ms. Tagaq has won nearly every music award in Canada and has collaborated with Bjork, among other artists. Traditionally, throat singing is a game played between two women, testing endurance as they form a song together. Ms. Tagaq has turned the game into a vehicle for her activism and art.

“She’s part of this larger community of native artists and rebellious musicians,” said Mr. White. “All of that makes for a really potent mix.”

Accompanied by a percussionist and violinist, Ms. Tagaq will take the stage in front of the projected film. But it might be hard to keep your eyes off of Ms. Tagaq.

“Tanya has this great physical presence, she has to move,” said Mr. White. “There is an element of movement, of dance, supportive of the voice she yields.”

Mr. White said he’s been trying to bring Ms. Tagaq to the Vineyard for years and her time on the Island will be brief.

“Tanya is like the wind,” he said. “Hard to grasp.”

The performance at the PAC is Monday, March 13, beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at dancetheyard.org/tanya-tagaq.