Here it is, the end of March and I made my first trip to the nursery for some just-arrived pansies. Some years, this weekend would be Easter. I still have Christmas (used-to-be) greens in some ornamental pots. How pathetic is that?

On Sunday I drove Violet back to Tabor Academy. We made our usual stop in Falmouth at the Boulangerie Patisserie. Talk about decadent. We almost always see fellow Vineyarders in the queue.

Some things are too good to be true. Years ago, I worked at Cafe Moxie with my friend Robert Cropper. He made desserts and waited tables. One thing is forever etched in my memory. I served Robert’s chocolate bomb to an elderly gentleman. As was my custom, I inquired if all was well. The old man put down his fork, wiped his mouth and took his time remarking: “This is what God has for breakfast.”

I’ve been a crazy person seeding in the greenhouse. There is not one inch of available surface. I put flats that could take it outside — peas, herbs, some perennials, leeks and onions. I did fear for them the 17-degree night and covered them with Remay.

I promptly made a phone order to Gardener’s Edge for the heavy duty fleece tunnels. They are nine feet long, two feet wide and 18 inches tall. They allow water and light to filter through. I am planning to put them over some Early Jersey Wakefield cabbages. Not only will they keep them five degrees warmer on these chilly nights, they will protect the cole crops from an early infestation of root maggots, flea beetles, aphids and cabbage worm. Plus, one can only hope it will keep the bunnies from eating everything immediately. I have a great garden fence but, sadly, a family of rabbits got fenced in and live under the shed. Such is life.

I am curious about the flock of very large white geese who hang around the new Cape Cod Five branch every afternoon. They really seem to enjoy the new grass. I think they can be a bit aggressive so watch your back when walking in a deposit.

I have found that a super aggressive rooster will only attack if you take your eyes off him. A trash can top is a handy shield.

I have some radicchio coming back in the vegetable garden. It is a mystery why I ever planted it. I think it is a bit detestable. Fortunately, it has lovely sky-blue flowers in August just like its wild chicory cousin. I can only tolerate it grilled or roasted and drenched in balsamic vinaigrette.

I have been turning over a small section of the garden every day. Any day now it is going to really be spring and I hope I won’t be crippled after a long day. The aging body hurts every morning. I don’t know if anyone warned me about that when I was young and carefree. They probably did but who cares or believes when young.

Honestly, every day is another adventure in Trump-land. The proposed budget is a real eye opener into the soul of our leaders. Who could suggest with a straight face cutting Meals on Wheels and school lunches for poor children? The failed Republican health care bill was equally cruel. The Freedom Caucus would not support it because it wasn’t mean-spirited enough.

I heard such a disturbing statistic yesterday that I can barely stand it. One taxpayer supported weekend at Mar-a-Lago would fund Meals on Wheels for a year.

Have mercy.