The Hall family lives by two rules: thou shall not ever sell any property and thou shall not ever spend a penny on any property. Here is one example.

It was tough luck for Edgartown when exactly 56 years ago this month the movie theatre burned down. To quote the Gazette articles, this left a gaping hole, a dangerous, littered cellar and an eyesore for everyone to see.

It was two years later that a fence was finally erected on three sides. There was talk of window boxes to make it more attractive. If I remember correctly, it was three years after the fire that two or three businessmen were allowed to pay to fill in the cellar, not the Halls.

Now why should the Halls rebuild? The town had given them the use of the town hall to show movies for the rent of $100, year one, $200, year two, and $300, year three.

The Halls never did rebuild and their other theatre properties continued to deteriorate.

At a recent hearing on the Yellow House property, in deplorable condition, Benjamin Hall was asked what would be done to make it presentable. He said it needed a coat of paint and maybe some curtains.

What this property needs is for the town to vote to take the Yellow House by eminent domain and without any lawsuits.

It is high time.

Carol Fligor