For The Yard’s final off-season show, held on April 29 at the Performing Arts Center at the regional high school, the staff did not have to look too far afield to find their dancers. They just had to look in the mirror. Saturday’s show features The Yard staff and is co-directed by Alison Manning, executive director and co-producer, and Jesse Keller, director of Island programs and education. It is also a bit of a homecoming, as interns from the past, now scattered to the dancing winds, will also perform.

The show brings together for the first time many separate pieces directed by Ms. Keller and Ms. Manning over the last few years, but never before seen together in their entirety.

Or in Ms. Manning’s words: “They have been seen individually in various states of finesse. This is the completed version, or as complete as any dance piece can ever be.”

The evening is made up of three parts: ‘atlas,’ Blue of Distance and Vantage Point. Blue of Distance is actually a film directed by Danielle Mulcahy, a local artist and filmmaker last seen driving off in a camper to tour the art shows of the country during the off-season. The 18-minute film features the dancing of Ms. Manning, Ms. Keller, Ben Cheney and Holly Jones.

“It was filmed all over the Island,” Ms. Manning said. “It is a site specific outdoor video.”

Showtime on Saturday begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 general admission, $15 seniors, students and military, and $5 for children under 12.

Visit for tickets and more information.