It’s all about the money; I see it all the time, in my business, in politics and in corporate America. In the medical profession, the number one promise within the Hippocratic Oath is first, do no harm. But we can forget about that noble idea. Instead, what seems to be foremost in the mind of the attorney for Jason Leone is that every day he not in business, it is costing him money.

In this life we are constantly adapting to changes, and when one thing is not working we need to be flexible and try something else. A perfect example of being willing to change is the owner of Sun ‘n’ Fun rentals who saw the handwriting on the wall and relinquished his moped license in exchange for car rental license.

It is time for the people on this Island to stand up and make their voices heard. It is time for the selectmen in Oak Bluffs to stop waffling, stop procrastinating and do the right thing.

There is a clear proposal for Oak Bluffs to use their power on May 9 to vote what other towns on this Island have voted for, which is no more moped rentals. This home rule petition would go beyond the nonbinding votes taken by the other towns this year, and actually make it feasible to prohibit moped rentals. A vote for home rule petition is a vote for no mopeds. So please Island lovers, no matter in which town you live, let the Oak Bluffs town officials know how you feel.

It is not about the money the business owner is losing, it is about the limbs and lives that are lost every summer by people simply trying to enjoy our wonderful Island. Let’s all get on with life and do no harm.

Peter C. Fyler
West Tisbury