My name is Ali Marcus and I go to the West Tisbury School. On June 10 I will be having a bat mitzvah to celebrate becoming a Jewish adult. For my bat mitzvah I will be doing a mitzvah project (a mitzvah is a good deed). I am going to be promoting The Water Project, an organization that builds wells in Africa to supply clean, fresh, water to people in need.

The project was founded by Peter Chasse in 2006 with just one project, but now they have raised millions of dollars toward building water solutions. Many women and children have to walk miles every day for contaminated water that is unhealthy and can cause sickness and even death. Most children spend their day gathering water instead of attending school. The water project teaches locals about good hygiene and how to prevent disease and sickness. They hire locals to manage the wells creating jobs in the area.

If you would like more information, go to On June 3 and 4 participating sponsors will donate a percentage of their profits to the cause.

Ali Marcus
West Tisbury