Chilmark’s town hall now houses the town’s historic weights and measures cabinet of 1913. The wardrobe sized cabinet has been stored by the town in several locations and the condition of the case and its scale and weights went untended for a number of years. The persistent efforts of Harriette Otteson, now retired chairman of the Chilmark historical commission, finally resulted in the cabinet being fully restored and installed in the town hall. It is on display in the downstairs meeting room. The weights and measures unit was important in the days people sold their products in bulk and sometimes from their homes and farms. The person appointed by the town was in charge of checking weights and measures to authenticate the veracity of the scales and measures those venders used and, thus, make sure fair measure was given for sale. It is a handsome piece of Chilmark history and can be seen anytime the town hall is open. It is interesting to note that all the Island towns have saved their units and most are on display at their town halls. The restoration of our unit took the better part of a year and was paid for by Community Preservation Commission funds.

The hustle is on across town to be prepared for Memorial Day weekend. There is a buzz in the air — along with more rain — but the season will begin, rain or not. Most businesses that are not already open will surely be by this weekend. Watch for the Bite and the new Creekville Gallery and Antiques, two Basin Road businesses that will be open this weekend. We are all invited to an open house at Creekville Gallery on Saturday, tomorrow, 4 to 7 p.m.

Our seasonal friends are arriving this weekend to open their houses and prepare for the coming summer activities. Roz Glazer is at her home overlooking Menemsha harbor. She winters in New York city. Andy Jacknine is here from Washington, D.C. to open the family home on Larsen Lane.

Jessica and Mariah Campbell are back with their family on Tabor House Road after some fun, travel, and for Mariah, some study in Spain this spring.

Congratulations to Sergio and Suzanne Modigliani who welcomed their first grandchild, Theo, on March 25. He was born in Washington D.C. to Ethan Bronstein and Amelia Modigliani and will make his first Vineyard visit with his parents on July 2. Cheers to all!

The Memorial Day weekend marks the 40th wedding anniversary for Sergio and Suzanne and we send them best wishes for the event.

I am happy to tell you that Judy Mayhew is recuperating at home after hip surgery at the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston last week. Her daughters, Sarah Shipway and Rebecca Mayhew, and her husband, Ted, accompanied her and stayed to offer support and care while in Boston. The family enjoyed a visit while there from Julie Catherine Graubert and Rob Summers and their service dog. The dog was one of Rebecca’s puppies so the reunion was a joy. Judy reports that she is doing some walking already. We send best wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her out and about soon.

Chilmark’s veterans representative has placed new flags at Abel’s Hill Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day. He asks that if you note any grave that should have a flag but doesn’t, please call town hall and he will place the flag or flags. Over the years, winds and storms have blown away existing flags and sometimes veterans are not recognized.

The Chilmark library’s Wednesday, May 31 program will be part one of Get Body Sense, an introduction to the MELT method hand and foot workshop with Valerie Sonnenthal. Please call ahead to reserve space. Part two will be on June 7. Programs start at 5:30 p.m. at the library. Admission is free.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the season. We will enjoy seeing many of your familiar faces at our town and Island businesses. Best wishes to all from all of us.

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