There is quite a bit of complaining about the weather lately. It does seem that we have had plenty of rain. It’s been great to eliminate watering duty from my daily tasks. As I have said many times I have appropriate rain gear but it is damp and soggy at the beginning of the work day. A good sense of humor is a must. Plants are taking their time flowering since there isn’t much sun, but, oh my, do the weeds love it. They are easily knee-high with no end in sight.

Last fall I placed several old rugs over a big pile of weeds in the middle of the vegetable garden. This week I moved them onto some paths and found perfectly prepared ground under them. I dug some holes and planted my squashes and pumpkins. It’s still a big hump in the middle but I was too tired to smooth out a proper bed. I’m pretty sure the plants will not mind. They have to be delighted after being set free from their too-tiny pots.

I grew several varieties in the greenhouse but my favorite always is the Waltham butternut squash. It’s an old heirloom and seems to be resistant to the hideous squash bug. Good thing since they usually decimate the other varieties. In my perfect world I would grow them under cover until they bloom. After that they do require bees or other pollinators in order to set fruit.

Speaking of pests, I’m now battling the icky green worm that was hatched by the white cabbage moth. I picked my first cabbage—the Early Jersey Wakefield—and had to soak it in salted water for awhile before washing it.

Every year at this time I am irritated by the orange oriental poppy and pale pink peony that for some unknown reason I planted next to one another decades ago. The poppies resent transplantation so I vow to move the peony in the fall but never get to it. Oh well!

I am enjoying a few varieties of blooming poppies this week. There are the aforementioned orientals — I have the true red, an orange, some white Royal weddings and a fabulous salmon Princess Victoria Louise. I grew them from seed back in the day.

Then, both red and orange Shirleys have reseeded all over the place. I think the reds were the original poppies of Flanders.

My hoop house is filled with Lauren’s Grape opium poppy. Talk about spectacular. Everything about the plant is beautiful—the blue-green leaves, the noodling about-to-open buds and the spent seed pods.

The opium poppy is also known as the bread-seed variety. That poppy seed cake you love comes from the seed of the opium poppy. They say you will fail a drug test if you eat a piece shortly before the test. Just saying.

This past week was the 73rd anniversary of D-Day. The United States emerged as the leader of the Western world both in military might and moral authority. I have now lived through the administrations of 13 American presidents. As a lifelong Democrat, I have not always agreed with some of those presidents in terms of policy or even cared for some of them personally. However, I have trusted them to represent that moral authority in the world. This is—until now. What’s wrong with Donald Trump? He is a small minded, heartless man baby. I’ve known many narcissists in my life but most have the good sense to hide some of their less than empathetic views.

Trump’s criticism of the mayor of London after the latest terrorist attacks is a prime example. First of all, he misinterpreted the mayor’s remarks and then tried to gain political points for his stupid travel ban. He continues to tweet and remark when it is clearly contrary to his own interests.

I know he must be anxious about all the Russian investigation constant breaking news but, honestly, when you are in a hole, for Pete’s sake stop digging.