The Vineyard Haven schooner Alabama ran aground off Mystic, Conn., Sunday night with a group of school children aboard. No one was injured and none of the children were from the Island, a spokesman for the Black Dog Tall Ships told the Gazette Monday.

Cheryl Dewitt said the students were embarking on a weeklong excursion with a final destination of Shelter Island. There was a problem going into the Mystic harbor, she said, the cause of which is currently unknown. The students were supposed to sail from Sunday until Friday or Saturday, Ms. Dewitt said.

Educational sailing trip with group of school children from off-Island was interrupted. — Ashley Butler

The Associated Press reported Monday that a New London-based Coast Guard crew responded and transferred 17 passengers to the Noank Shipyard in Groton.

Ms. Dewitt confirmed that following the incident, the students were taken to hotels in the area and their parents were informed of what happened. “Last I heard, they are swimming in the hotel pool and having a great time,” she said.

Meanwhile, the 126-foot schooner, was waiting for the tide to come in so she could refloat. Ms. Dewitt said the extent of any damage was unknown.

“We know the kids are fine, we know the crew is fine, we’re hoping that Ms. Alabama is doing well herself,” she said.

The Black Dog Tall Ships have been offering sailing schools since the 1990s.