The 90-foot schooner Alabama is back in Vineyard waters after having run aground in the Mystic River last Wednesday night.

“There was no visible damage,” said Morgan Douglas of Coastwise Packet yesterday, after divers went below to check the vessel.

The Vineyard schooner was on a two-day charter to Mystic when she ran aground at high tide at 6:15 p.m., in proximity to the navigational aid Noank Light 5. The water was 13 feet deep. Ian Ridgeway was the captain of the vessel. There were 33 people aboard, 27 passengers, aged 15 to 18 years old, according to a report.

The U.S. Coast Guard was involved from the start. No one was injured and there was no damage. The vessel was refloated at about 7 p.m. Thursday night with the help of the tide and a tow.

Mr. Douglas said after doing a thorough inspection, the charter passengers were allowed back on board. No visible damage was found during an underwater inspection on Friday morning, he added.

Mr. Douglas said he is appreciative to Mystic Seaport for allowing the vessel to tie up on Thursday evening.

She returned to Vineyard Haven Saturday morning.