This letter is in response to past articles that discuss how the Steamship Authority is considering changing freight runs. You know the saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” If a trucker doesn’t start early enough he may not finish the day. Making it a two-day trip. Who would pay for that? I spent a summer on the M/V Minnesota. It takes two hours and 15 minutes one way for a trip from New Bedford to Vineyard Haven. Who pays for that? The idea of shipping out of New Bedford is a good one, but for cars only.

Falmouth has a track record. The small group squeaky wheels wag the dog. Think windmills when truckers take the boat. They’re not spending the day on the carousel. They’re bringing food, medicine, gasoline and other essentials to over 115,000 (New York Times, Nov. 14, 2016.) Other than boats, trucks are the second most vital. What these few complainers are saying is that Vineyard residents should wait and pay more for vital services.

Alfred J. Colarusso
Vineyard Haven