By the time this column comes out on Friday we should have a lot of information about Hurricane Irma. At this writing it has been upgraded to a Category 5 with winds of 185 mph. Dear God!

The only actual hurricane I have experienced was Bob. I believe it was a Category 1 here on the Vineyard, and that was bad enough for me. For starters I lost several very tall locust trees almost immediately. They are a shallow-rooted tree and simply tipped over exposing their entire root system.

Then because I have a well and lost power for days, I had no water. Since I am resourceful and/or paranoid, I had filled every container in my house. Nothing, however, is as satisfying as turning a faucet. The weeks-long aftermath involved hot, humid weather with the annoying constant roar or chainsaws.

If you recall, that same year the Perfect Storm, aka the Halloween storm, hit us. We’ve had some close calls, Floyd and Sandy for example, and the pessimist in me says we’re due. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

I’m fond of the late-summer garden. Echinacea, rudbeckia, phlox, Joe pye weed, golden rod, and sedum look terrific.

The Autumn delight sedum is particularly nice. It has a pale pink flower with a variegated lime green and pale yellow leaf. I love sedum as it looks great before, during and after its bloom. Often it looks nice right up until Christmas.

The vegetable garden is doing its best. I’m still getting patty pan squash, green beans and a few cucumbers. The fall crops are coming right along. Leeks and carrots should be packable for several more months.

I bet I have a thousand self-seeded Red Russian kale. It has formed a carpet. I was going to transplant some but opted to take scissors to the patch whenever I need a salad. Lucky me.

In my perfect world I would have at least tried to stake the tomatoes. I do not live in that world, though. My plants are sprawled all over the ground. Sigh. If I do not pick them slightly unripe, some creature with a large mouth takes a big bite out of each perfectly ripened tomato. I am guessing a skunk. The only thing I have going for me is the inordinate number of seedlings I planted. Therefore, I guess I can afford to begrudgingly share.

Next spring I hope I remember to plant plectranthus in a couple of shade areas. They don’t do much all summer but now are a beautiful blue with dark leaves. The underside of each leaf is an attractive purple. They are spectacular alongside yellow-leafed hostas.

I love the Vineyard. We could finally get near the Chilmark Store after Labor Day. Isaac Taylor was in the parking lot. He gave me a copy of his new (and first) CD, Peace in the Valley. Check it out.

Denial can be a friend in times of trouble. I am applying it to all things North Korea. I think I may have to use it concerning the repeal of DACA as well.

I’m wondering if Trump and the Republicans will have the colossal gall to still try to give tax cuts to the rich, what with Harvey and Irma. I love how they keep referring to it as tax reform. Both Bush Jr. and Reagan did it. How much money would make the super rich happy and secure? I’m guessing no amount!