West Tisbury selectmen Wednesday appointed Anthony Cordray as the town’s new animal control officer after interviewing him and another candidate for the position.

Mr. Cordray, who was appointed assistant animal control officer last year, stepped in as acting animal control officer when Prudence Fisher was fired in July.

Appearing before selectmen after corralling an escaped cow and two calves, Mr. Cordray said he was enjoying the job and had benefited from animal control training. He said he’d been successful in mediating several cases and that he’s enjoyed working with people and animals.

“I really like the job, chasing cows and all,” he said.

Town administrator Jennifer Rand, who has worked most closely with Mr. Cordray, said he is dedicated to modernizing the department, is always in a good humor and has been as busy as she’s ever seen an animal control officer.

“His desire to truly modernize the department and standardize some parts of the department with forms and response forms and so forth, I think that will serve the town well, particularly the busier we get,” she said. “He’s always thinking. He’s very thoughtful.”

The selectmen agreed that Mr. Cordray was best suited to take over the full time position.

“I think it’s clear to me, our first candidate, the acting animal control officer, certainly dove in with both feet, is working very hard at getting up to speed, very dedicated,” said board chairman Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter 3rd. “He has worked on a lot of the mediation stuff we talked about, and truly is very dedicated.”

The selectmen voted unanimously to appoint Mr. Cordray.

Meaghan Gouldrup, the other applicant for the full-time position, also impressed selectmen with her interview. Ms. Gouldrup was born and raised in West Tisbury, has experience with dogs and horses and said she was inspired by former animal control officer Joanie Jenkinson, who retired last year.

“I know West Tisbury, I’ve got a great feel for the community in West Tisbury,” she said.

The selectmen unanimously voted to appoint Ms. Gouldrup as the assistant animal control officer, pending her acceptance of the job.