The Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission this week approved construction plans for a new gas station, convenience store and car wash at the site of the former Mobil station in the airport business park.

The plans do not include a quick oil-change facility as the previous station did, sparking strenuous objection from one commissioner.

The new facility will sit on lot 33, the site of the former Airport Mobil which was demolished this summer.

Leaseholder Louis Paciello, who owns two other fuel stations in Edgartown, outlined his plans at the airport commission meeting Thursday.

“As of right now we are looking at a Shell station,” he said. “We are going for a slightly larger footprint on the building. It’s our plan to offer the tenants and the public what they seem to want more, which is a larger convenience store.”

The plan still needs review and approval by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission before it can go forward.

Mr. Paciello said he plans to install underground storage tanks with a capacity of 37,000 gallons of fuel, the same amount licensed to the previous lease holder.

Airport commission member Clarence A. (Trip) Barnes 3rd took strong exception to absence of an oil change facility in the plan. He noted that the previous leaseholder operated the only oil change facility on the Island where no appointment was necessary.

“I can’t vote for this unless that’s in there,” Mr. Barnes said. “That’s what was there before, and that’s what should be in there now. I see you got a big grocery store there but I want to see an oil change place if you want my vote.”

Mr. Paciello said there is not enough demand for such a facility to make it profitable.

“In my business plan it does not make money,” said Mr. Paciello. “The quick lube philosophy does not work with the traffic counts here.”

With only five commissioners present and some not voting, the first round of voting produced a 1-1 deadlock. Mr. Barnes voted no and commissioner Richard Michelson voted yes. Chairman Myron Garfinkle and commissioners Don Ogilvie and Kristen Zern did not vote.

More discussion followed.

“I don’t know if it’s right to tell somebody what their business plan should be at this stage,” said Mr. Garfinkle.

“This is something we had that was taken away from us,” Mr. Barnes replied.

The chairman called for a new vote, and this time the plan was approved 3-1, with Mr. Ogilvie and Ms. Zern voting yes.

The plan now goes to the commission for review.