A Tisbury businessman’s application for a dealer’s license to sell sporting guns touched off widespread debate and comment online this week, in the wake of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Tisbury police chief Daniel Hanavan confirmed that Rubin Cronig, owner of Vineyard Time a Main street specialty store that sells scrimshaw watches and accessories, has applied for a gun dealer’s license with plans to include high-end skeet and trap shotguns into his inventory.

Gun dealer’s licenses are regulated on a federal and local level. Chief Hanavan said Mr. Cronig’s application was filed in September and is currently going through a criminal and mental health background check process that typically takes about two months.

On the federal level, gun dealer’s licenses are regulated through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. According to the AFT website, processing an application takes about 60 days.

The gun dealer license was on the Tisbury selectmen’s agenda Tuesday, but was removed prior to the meeting. Chairman Larry Gomez said he anticipates the matter will return as an agenda item in the near future, but he could not say when.

“I think the sooner the better,” Mr. Gomez said, noting also that the selectmen have no jurisdiction over the license. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it in the public forum,” he added.

Mr. Cronig could not immediately be reached for comment.

Although the gun dealer license was not discussed, selectmen took note of the Las Vegas tragedy at their meeting Tuesday.

“Our hearts go out to the people there,” said selectman Tristan Israel.

Speaking to the Gazette the day after the selectmen’s meeting, Chief Hanavan said the gun dealership would be an add-on to Mr. Cronig’s existing enterprise and not a new store.

“[Rubin Cronig] already has a store, this will be an additional item he is going to sell, a specialty item,” the chief said. “He’s not selling handguns, he’s not selling automatic rifles, he’s selling trap and skeet shotguns.”

Skeet and trapshooting are popular sports on the Island. A range is staffed at the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club in Edgartown, with events every Sunday.

Mr. Hanavan said Mr. Cronig was planning to stock Holland & Holland guns, with prices beginning around $26,000.

Currently, there are no other licensed gun dealers in Tisbury, though years ago there was a gun store below Mocha Mott’s, the chief said.

Cottage City Home Appliance & Outdoor Power Equipment, a family-run store in Oak Bluffs (formerly Western Auto), sells ammunition and has had a gun dealer’s license since the 1970s. The store does not regularly stock guns, owner Amy Billings said.