Thank you very much for your interest and coverage of my mural work at the Hot Tin Roof. I have high hopes for a new home for them. Heather Hamacek did a great job and the photos brought me back to those walls. What a truly terrific time I had working with everyone to create an environment where so many people had so much fun listening to great music.

It is hard to fit everything into an article, and so I wish now to recognize and especially thank Donny Turnell and Billy Dylan, two remarkably skilled carpenters/wood workers/ artisans for the pleasure of collaborating with them. We had such an exhilarating time working outside the box to create and celebrate a kind of Vineyard funk that I hope always remains a part of the spirit of this Island. John Abrams and his company South Mountain are a creative force of nature, and I look back at the time spent fusing skill sets as one of the most flat out fun creative experiences of my lifetime. Thank you, thank you all. I also wish to acknowledge Linda Carnegie’s contributions to the original Hot Tin Roof. She created the logo and painted the unforgettable gorilla, and more. Working with other artists and artisans is always a thrill for me, and I want to share the spotlight you have shown on me.

Thanks again.

Margot Datz