Our older, black cat Fannie’s dream has come true. Love has again blossomed at the Shelter and Fannie has gone to a forever home where she can spend her days snuggling in a lap, what she loves best. Here’s to many love filled years together.

Girl’s three kittens are growing like weeds and their eyes are just beginning to open. Two are black, one male with a tail, Maynard, and the female, Shirley, has a bobtail. The third is a male tuxedo with adorable facial markings that we are calling Perry. Mother and babies are thriving. We ask that you refrain from visiting them for a few weeks, until they are a little older and their eyes have fully opened. Girl herself will be available for adoption once her kittens are weaned and she’s been spayed. She is a young, solid black bobtail with beautiful green eyes. She also has a winning personality.

Chaps our Shelter cat is still happily living with us. He’s a lovely, gentle, fellow who just needs a warm and comfy spot to sleep, some good food, and a little loving. He’s white with black markings that make a wonderful Halloween mask, though he wouldn’t scare anyone. He has a forever home here, but if someone should fall in love with him we’d consider your adoption request.