The good Christian went walking one day. When he got to the town he discovered a grand domed building and approached the front entry. There he found another who invited him inside. “What a beautiful place this is,” the Christian remarked. “Yes,” said the other. “It is our mosque, where we pray.”

“May I join you?” the Christian asked. “Of course you can!” said the other.

After a while praying they both decided to go out and take a walk. They arrived at another building, huge with another domed roof and they went to the entry and met another. “What a beautiful building,” they said to the one they found there. “Yes,” came the reply, “It is our Pagoda where we meditate.”

“May we join you?” the two new friends asked. “Of course!” came the reply.

After a time the three new friends went outside and decided to walk together. They came to another grand building and approached the entry. “What is this wonderful place?” they asked the one they found there. “It is our synagogue, where we pray,” came the reply.

“May we join you?” the new friends asked. “Of course!”

After a time the now four friends went outside and decided to take a walk. They came to a structure, much like a hoop house and went to the one at the entry. “What is this place?” they asked. “This our sweat lodge, where we chant, it’s like praying,” was the reply.

“May we join you?” they asked. “Of course!” they were told.

After a time the now group of five decided to go outside and take a walk. As they walked through the town they kept coming to beautiful buildings and at each they made a new friend, and each was a house of prayer.

By the afternoon the group of new friends had grown into almost a multitude. Finally, all walking together, they came to the other side of town where they found a path leading into the woods and decided to follow it together. At the end of the trail they came to a beautiful meadow with beautiful plants and flowers. They decided to all sit down. As they sat slowly, there appeared all sorts of wild creatures of the woods and surrounds. One of the creatures approached the good Christian, who asked: “What is this place, so beautiful?” The creature answered: “This is our home, where we pray.”

“May we join you?” the whole group asked. “Of course!” came the reply.

So the whole group of new friends sat for a while with all the creatures, trees and flowers. As sunset approached they all decided to go back to the town. As each arrived at their various buildings they turned to the group and said: “What a beautiful day. Let’s all do it again tomorrow.”

And so they did.