Steven C. Handy purchased 27 Clay Pit Road in Edgartown from Paul E. Pelletier and Michael R. Chantal, trustees of Clay Pit Road Realty Trust, for $275,000 on Nov. 6.

Beachwood Circle LLC purchased 10 Duarte Circle in Edgartown from Elizabeth M. Garabedian, formerly known as Elizabeth M. Gayoski, and Charles M. Garabedian for $1,200,000 on Nov. 8.

HLS Holdings LLC purchased 132 West Tisbury Road in Edgartown from Bedford Holdings Ltd. for $847,000 on Nov. 8.

Stephen J. Foster and Kate C. Foster purchased 29 Curtis Lane in Edgartown from Nelson W. Smith and Susan A. Smith for $475,000 on Nov. 8.

Steven R. Park and Nicole D. Park, trustees of Nicole D. Park Trust-2008 purchased 24 Vickers street in Edgartown from Arch Building and Home Development LLC for $1,995,000 on Nov. 9.

Robert W. Buechner, trustee of Dowlin Family Special 1999 Irrevocable Trust, purchased warranty covenants for property on Chappaquiddick from Sarah H. Dowlin for $400,000 on Nov. 9.

David A. Schwartz and Jane E. Price Schwartz purchased 39 Harborview avenue in Edgartown from Fourdees Assets LLC for $1,100,000 on Nov. 9.

Jesse Valencia and Vesta Tatulyte-Valencia purchased 314 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road in Edgartown from Scott E. Vulpa for $762,000 on Nov. 9.

Oak Bluffs

Thomas Craren purchased 27 Brush Island Lane in Oak Bluffs from Richard S. Dubin and Lee M. Dubin for $1,500,000 on Nov. 9.

Timothy Begley purchased 21 Upper Douglas Lane in Oak Bluffs from Angelica Pearl for $60,000 on Nov. 9.

Kenneth Arold and Donna Arold purchased 38 School House Village in Oak Bluffs from Roger A. Holmes and Mary Beth Holmes for $650,000 on Nov. 9.

Vineyard Haven

55 Church Street LLC purchased 55 Church street in Vineyard Haven from Seven Hills Community Services Inc. for $650,000 on Nov. 6.

Lyuba S. Avramova and John A. Pachico purchased 6 McLellan Way in Vineyard Haven from Kayla Pachico-Pinkham, frequently known as Kayla Pachico, for $475,000 on Nov. 6.

West Tisbury

Hannah R. Beecher, John Beecher, Richard Bump, and Christopher T. Bump purchased property on Edgartown Road in West Tisbury from Vineyard Farms LLC for $20,000 on Nov. 7.

Steven W. Atwood and Sandra B. Atwood, trustees of the Atwood Realty Trust, purchased 145 Ben Chase Road in West Tisbury from Fausta Hammarlund, also known as Fausta Hammarlund Edey, Liselotte Edey Pierce, Kirsten A. Edey, and Annika Edey McCann, for $600,000 on Nov. 8.

Thomas B. Shropshire Jr. and Christina M. Shropshire purchased 147 Middle Point Road in West Tisbury from Marjorie M. Tiffany, now known as Marjorie M. Yoars, for $1,765,000 on Nov. 9.