Several weeks ago I wrote about a memorable sunrise viewed from the upper deck of the SSA vessel, Woods Hole. I can now top that experience. On Monday I was pulled out of my five o’clock reservation line in Woods Hole to get on the 4 p.m. freight boat. The most incredible sunset was in the making with me comfortably in my car. At the twilight’s last gleaming (so to speak) we turned around in the Vineyard Haven Harbor with the masts of both the Shenandoah and Alabama outlined against the fading light. How did I luck out to move here in the early 70s? We’ve had a good run of beautiful days. I will admit it is a bit disturbing climate change-wise.

Lately, I’ve noticed the burning bushes are not burning their same fiery red. All over the Island they seem washed out and almost pinkish. On Monday I saw a large one near the Sands of Time just up from the Steamship Authority. It was bright red. That’s when I started wondering about ours here. I think it was that freak 19 degree night a few weeks back. All the hydrangeas have looked terrible since that time. I think their ugly brown leaves are flash frozen on the branches for the duration.

I know it’s way too early but my Pine Tree Seeds Catalog arrived. I promptly filled out an order. I remember back in the day when seed catalogs did not arrive until after Christmas.

Ironically, I just used up the last of the spinach, lettuce and radish seeds in my hoophouse. I do not usually plant new seeds until after the light changes in January but what the heck. They might actually germinate. No matter, though, as I ordered new ones.

I’ve been pulling up baby kale plants in the garden paths. I’ve been making salads and smoothies out of the little guys. It seems that the Red Russian variety is the most reliable of all the kales when it comes to reseeding. It also holds up best in a freeze. All my Dinosaur (aka Tuscan) crop has a freeze burn from a few weeks ago. It seems odd as that variety looks more hardy.

I’m still moving plants around and planting bulbs. Guess it’s never too late as long as the ground remains unfrozen. I tried to make another bulb order last week and every single one of my choices was sold out. Such is life. I suppose the end of November is a bit late. I put a positive spin on it though as to money and time saved.

I’ve been following the big tax scam that the Senate is trying to rush before the year’s end. The estate tax repeal is one of the hardest to digest. First of all, it is only the richest of the rich who even pay it (like the Trumps). FDR is quoted in 1935 saying: “The transmission from generation to generation of vast fortunes is not consistent with the ideals and sentiments of the American people.”

Further he noted that “inherited economic power and inherited political power are antithetical to the democratic principles of the founding generation.”

Don’t forget FDR was of the privileged class but still had a strong sense of equality for all of us. I wonder what happened to Donald Trump in his childhood to make him so lacking in empathy and so incredibly self-centered. It is becoming increasingly scary to have him running the world.