A Chilmark man was arraigned last week on charges related to improper deer hunting, including hunting at night and hunting from a vehicle.

Levi C. Wlodyka, 38, of Chilmark, was arraigned on charges dating back to the archery deer hunting season. According to a police report filed in court, Chilmark police received a tip on Nov. 17 about possible deer jacking and later observed someone in a pickup truck shining a flashlight into the woods along North Road by Cape Higgon Way. According to police, Mr. Wlodyka was the only person in the car, and the police officer allegedly observed a crossbow with a rounded scope and light sitting on the front passenger seat, with the bow “in a state where it could be immediately fired.”

The police officer said Mr. Wlodyka allegedly did not have a permit for the weapon, and allegedly did not have permission to be hunting on a private road posted with No Hunting signs. The report said Mr. Wlodyka later said he was searching for a wounded deer that he shot earlier while hunting.

Massachusetts law prohibits hunting deer by artificial light and hunting from a car.

Police confiscated the weapon and issued a summons. On Jan. 11 Mr. Wloydka was arraigned on charges of trespassing, hunting by artificial light, hunting on posted property, hunting with improper bow and arrow, hunting without a license, and hunting from a vehicle. Another court date was set for Feb. 12.