It’s all but certain Lieut. Matt Mincone will serve as the next West Tisbury chief of police starting in April.

The town selectmen hosted a forum at the West Tisbury Library Wednesday night to give the public an opportunity to meet the candidate and ask questions. Lieutenant Mincone has been endorsed unanimously by fellow West Tisbury patrolmen as well as by several town department heads. The town hasn’t broadened the search to include any other candidates.

“When we’ve done this process in the past, we’ve opened up the position to a public search,” said selectman Cynthia Mitchell. “This would be a departure from the way that we’ve done it before.”

Responding to a question from the selectman Kent Healy, Lieutenant Mincone said he plans to serve for the next decade. “I have a 10-year window. So my intentions are to stay here for eight to 10 years,” he said. He emphasized that the department is working well as it is, saying he would make few changes as chief. “I’m able to drive around this town, and there are people waving at the cruiser. That, to me is we’re doing our job,” he said.

Lieutenant Mincone has worked for the department since 1995. Recently he’s been focused on acquiring certification and accreditation for the department from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission. Asked about the concept of community policing, he pointed to his experience coaching hockey at the high school.“There’s been just around 200 kids that I’ve come in contact with,” he said. He added, “There are four police officers around the Island that played hockey for me at some point, which maybe dates me a little bit.”

Lieutenant Mincone said he had been anxiously preparing for the meeting and questioning for three weeks. Most questions were benign though, posed by about a dozen of his supporters in the department and in town. Mrs. Mitchell took the low turnout of community members at the meeting as a positive sign.

“I’ll tell you that if there was concern in the community, they would be here. The fact that there’s not an overwhelming crowd of West Tisbury residents is probably a good sign,” Mrs. Mitchell said.

The meeting ended after about a half hour of questions. “I’m very impressed by the support you’ve generated from the town,” said Mr. Healy.

The board will officially vote on the appointment Feb. 7.

“We’re not making a decision tonight,” Mrs. Mitchell said, adding: “It’s probably no secret what it’s likely to be.”

Selectman and board chairman Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter 3rd, who is also a sergeant, recused himself from the discussion and the decision-making process.

Current Chief Dan Rossi originally said he would retire in June of this year, but this week, he moved the date up to April 1, citing confidence in Lieutenant Mincone. “If this happens [at the selectmen’s meeting] in two weeks, then why do we need to have two chiefs?” Chief Rossi said.