Last Saturday was a beautiful day to draw attention to our cause. Or should I say causes? So much needs repair. The feminists, men, women, daughters, sons, dogs dressed in appropriate gear, gathered at Five Corners at 1 p.m. The sun was bright, the wind was relentless but so were we.

Photographers and reporters were there. My good friend, Frank Pitts, came to bear witness and to present me with four poster-worthy photos of some of my best female friends who could not be with me that day. Two died in 2016, my mother, Nonna, and my best girl, Teri Praskach. Two others were with me in spirit but, alas, could not make it to Five Corners: activist Denise Dupre in Arizona and activist Rhonda Griffin in Australia. Frank captured their photographs beautifully.

Notice something different about these demonstrations? No police escort needed. I have not heard that there was one act of violence or impropriety at any of these gatherings worldwide. The signs were empowering and inventive. Perhaps the most meaningful was Make America Kind Again.

When I was in the front lines at our Women’s March 45 years ago taking over Fifth avenue, I really had no idea I would still be having to protest this garbage in my sunset years. At that time, I was a marshal, front line. This time I was in a wheelchair. I will witness till I die. Time’s up.

How about those Pats? I thought I was having a heart attack. Of course, we cheated again, just read all the complaints on social media from sore losers. If you want to expose cheating take a swing at the administration in DC. Leave my Pats alone.

One of our dearest former Islanders and most loyal Pats fan, the elegant, the beautiful Laurie Thompson has a very special birthday coming up. Her birthday (drumroll) is on Feb. 4, Superbowl Sunday. I am going to try to hijack a driver to Rhode Island to watch with Laurie and her loving family. I know they will have plenty of enthusiasm and lots of great snacks.

Our next Poetry Cafe at the Vineyard Playhouse will be on Thursday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. Our last was cancelled because of weather. Come hear some of our talented friends and neighbors including, poet laureate Justin Ahren, Liz Pozen, Brooks Robards and Susan Puciul. Ten dollars gets you in and able to enjoy poetry, pie and a beverage. Arnie Reisman runs the show. I think of it as a great name for a band: Arnie and the Pie Chicks.

Our library is hosting an award-winning animated film, Loving Vincent, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 30 in the program room. This 2017 release was the first completely painted animated film. I’ll see you there at 7 p.m. Popcorn and cider is provided.

Endless applause for our M. V. Charter School girls basketball team. They won the championship.

Sofia Anthony invites all to our next Neighborhood Convention on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 11 a.m. at the First Baptist church in Vineyard Haven. Noli Taylor will speak on the summer food service program. Bring a sack lunch and visit with your neighbors. I’ll see you there.

Sympathy and condolences continue to go out to the large family and many friends of Jake Baird.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Lisa Jannace Meade and Betty Con on Jan. 23; Francis Pitts celebrates on Jan. 28; and, always in my heart but no longer with us here, I can never forget Katie Nevin’s Jan. 29 birthday. Many happy returns.

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