Janet Ferguson and David Sayre purchased 27 Hewing Field in Chilmark from Jeffrey A. Parker, trustee of Jeffrey A. Parker 2000 Trust, for $1,550,000 on Jan. 26.


Trois LLC purchased 17 Winter street, unit 27 in Edgartown from Melissa Norton Vincent, trustee of Nevin Square Investment Realty Trust, for $237,000 on Jan. 22.

David J. Schaefer purchased 40 Pease’s Point Way in Edgartown from Stephen Graham and Ann Graham for $1,550,000 on Jan. 23.

Justin Holohan and Cyndi Holohan purchased 4 Llewellyn Way in Edgartown from Christina C. Napier and Alex G. Clarke, co-personal representatives for the estate of Langdon P. Clarke, for $862,500 on Jan. 25.

Oak Bluffs

Theodore S. Jick, trustee of Noah’s Ark Realty Trust, purchased 4 Quail Run, Unit 14 in Oak Bluffs from Clarence E. Dozier Jr. and Leslie Britton Dozier for $430,000 on Jan. 26.

West Tisbury

Steven Rubin and Susan Rubin purchased property on Fire Tower Road in West Tisbury from Harry M. Lasker 3rd, trustee of Red Farm Realty Trust V, for $685,000 on Jan. 22.

Adam Gross and Lisa Gross purchased 645 State Road in West Tisbury from Neil A. Withers and Deborah A. Withers for $787,500 on Jan. 24.