Tisbury firefighters responded to a fire on West Chop Monday morning and found a basement filled with heavy smoke.

Construction workers at a nearby home heard smoke alarms sounding at an seasonal home at 209 Quinsigamond avenue.

“It was a dehumidifier that shorted out and took off in the basement,” said Tisbury fire chief John Schilling. It’s all filled with smoke and heavy soot.
 The Tisbury department originally called for help from Edgartown and Oak Bluffs at the fire location on a narrow dirt road, but cancelled the response once they determined that the fire was out.

“It self-extinguished, ran out of oxygen, but it had done a pretty good job in the basement,” Chief Schilling said. “It started to impinge on the floor joists above it, the insulation was cooked off, and some of the plumbing pipes had actually melted from the heat. It was close to going.”

Ownership records for the property were unavailable.