I want to elaborate on the fact that it has been the decade-long project of the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group and their oyster restoration program that has had a huge impact on the comeback of Edgartown Great Pond. The Edgartown shellfish department assists both the shellfish group and Great Pond Foundation. Constables take Ms. Reddington to Cape Pogue, Anthier’s and Trapps Ponds for testing. They also maintain the nursery on Chappy and take care of the seed that comes from the shellfish group’s hatchery until it’s ready to be released. Also Handy Excavation and the dredge department donate machinery and time to move at least 20 yards of scallop shells every year to go into the bags for the oyster seed to adhere to once they are released into the pond. It is a beautiful communal effort.

Thank you to all involved.

Polly Bassett