A car chase between a Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Chilmark police Saturday evening ended in the mud of the Keith Farm field in Chilmark with the apprehension of a 17-year-old male from Oak Bluffs, according to an email description of the chase provided by Chilmark police chief Jonathan Klaren.

The teenager, the operator and sole occupant of the Jeep, was sent to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for a psychological evaluation. His name has not yet been released to the public.

According to Chief Klaren, the individual has been cited by Chilmark police for five counts ranging from speeding to wanton destruction of property over $250, referring to the stone wall and field areas of the farm.

The chase began at approximately 6:24 p.m. when Chilmark officers learned that a Jeep Cherokee had not stopped for Tisbury police. The Jeep was heading up-Island on State Road and the Chilmark police took over pursuit.

At around 6:30 p.m. officer William Fielder began pursuing the Jeep as it turned onto Tabor House Road toward Beetlebung Corner, Chief Klaren said. Once the Jeep headed up Middle Road, officer Jesse Burton joined the chase and drove his cruiser ahead of the Jeep. With Mr. Burton’s cruiser ahead and Mr. Fielder’s cruiser behind, the two were able to slow down the Jeep to an estimated 20 miles per hour.

The Jeep then turned off Middle Road and drove over a stone wall into the Keith’s Farm field, he said. After driving over 200 yards, the vehicle became stuck in the mud and the two officers apprehended the individual.

Chief Klaren commended both officers, specifically Mr. Burton, for their strategy to safely slow down the vehicle at a meeting of Chilmark selectmen Tuesday evening.

“I was pleased for the outcome due to his quick thinking,” Chief Klaren told selectmen as Mr. Burton sat close by. “It was spot on.”

“Everybody worked well and had a cool head about the situation,” said Officer Burton.

“To pull this off with no vehicle damage, no slamming of vehicles and no injuries...I think it’s remarkable,” said selectman Jim Malkin.