The Vineyard Gazette will donate $14,145 to Camp Jabberwocky, the Island’s groundbreaking sleepaway camp for people with disabilities, the result of a successful subscription campaign.

Gazette publisher Jane Seagrave said 943 people purchased subscriptions to the newspaper in response to a holiday season promotion that pledged a portion of the proceeds to the iconic Island camp.

This is the third straight year that the Gazette has promised to donate a portion of its winter subscription campaign to an Island nonprofit. Each year has been more successful than the last, Ms. Seagrave said.

Charities are chosen to highlight issues on the Island that also receive coverage in the Gazette’s news pages. In past years, the Gazette has raised money for the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group to highlight the role shellfish can play in reducing nitrogen pollution, and for Island Grown Initiative to shed light on the hidden issue of food insecurity on the Island.

In a continuing series, the Gazette is focusing this year on the challenges faced by people with disabilities who live and work on the Vineyard.

Founded in 1953 by speech pathologist Helen Lamb, Camp Jabberwocky was built on what was at the time a radical idea: that children with disabilities should be able to participate in summer activities like everyone else. Campers then and now take part in the joys of a Vineyard vacation, including horseback riding, swimming, singing and putting on plays.

The camp celebrates its 65th anniversary this summer.