Last weekend’s weather brought climate change into focus. Saturday was so hot there was some complaining and whining on the job site. Then, Sunday, I built a fire in the wood cookstove. Who can figure it out?

I noticed a couple of noteworthy yards this week in my travels. Coming past the Edgartown Road, on the left, just past the stockade fence the Baileys have two large bridal wreath spireas and a couple of weigela. It’s so pretty and reminds me of the spring yards in Rew, Pa. Both of those shrubs are rather old fashioned and are not used much in the modern landscapes. Such a pity. I always enjoy watching the owners' chickens roaming around the yard and sidewalk. There is plenty of opportunity for watching, what with the traffic nowadays.

Also, there is an impressive lilac on the Edgartown Road across from the phone company. It’s in the yard of the late Francis Duarte. Some of you may remember him and his rosy-cheeked wife. He used to walk his cow across the street every day to the tiny pasture between Winyah Lane and the phone company. Once, he was irritated at some newspaper photographers from the Cape. He put up a sign reading: No Standard Times Photos. It still tickles me to think of him.

This winter I seeded an enormous pot of carrots in the greenhouse. They took their time germinating. I hauled the pot out about a month ago. There are carrots to be picked of decent size. How I wish this ended on a positive note. The other night a deer came through and ate all the tops and tossed the roots hither and yon.

Then, adding more insult, a skunk got in the vegetable garden and dug up mulch, tossing it all over baby beets. I think I yelled “Come on” to no one in particular several times. It’s difficult to keep a positive attitude sometimes.

One fun thing in the garden this week is that I made a point to pick several fennel bulbs. They were small but when I wait for them to get near super market size, they get all tough and go to seed. I dipped them raw into guacamole from Vineyard grocer. It’s the best on-Island in my opinion.

I ate one ripe strawberry. Hopefully more will come along soon.

Son,Jeremiah, called Tuesday morning to report hearing a Bobwhite in his garden. Neither of us could remember hearing them in many years.

I had a nice Memorial Day chat with Nancy Hall this past Sunday. I told her about my uncle Dan getting shot in the butt on Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. Nancy said her relative was a surgeon on a medical ship off that coast. We had a good laugh that our relatives may have had a medical encounter.

We then lamented the sorry state of our nation today. We did our best to remember the honor and dignity with which our service people conducted themselves. My Dad served on the destroyer the USS Hambleton. After getting torpedoed by the Germans in the Atlantic and limping into Casablanca, repairs were made. Then the ship swept Tokyo Harbor of almost 200 mines before the signing of the peace treaty. Dad watched them singing with binoculars from the ship’s deck. He was a proud veteran, as well should have been. Thanks Dad, and all!