The Martha’s Vineyard Commission last week unanimously approved a preliminary plan for Flat Point Farm in West Tisbury to reconfigure a family subdivision.

The plan would create new lots and place an additional 35 acres in conservation. An affordable housing lot would also be created offsite.

Arnold Fischer Jr., one owner of the long-held family farm fronting the Tisbury Great Pond, told the commission at an earlier meeting that the purpose of the new plan is to provide lots for the growing Fischer family.

“It would be nice if every family could provide a place for their children to live,” said commissioner Richard Toole at the meeting last Thursday.

“The icing on the cake here is creating affordable lots for families,” added commissioner Kathy Newman.

In other business, the commission approved the construction of a nearly 1,800-square-foot barn at Morning Glory Farm for washing vegetables.

Applicants and owners Simon and James Athearn explained that the barn would service the retail operation and be more efficient than the current washroom that was built in 1988. They said they also needed to update the operation due to new federal food safety regulations.

Commissioners quickly approved DRI modifications for both the Clarion Inn and Dockside Inn to add and modify guest rooms.

They also decided to approve plans for an additional sorting area on the UPS/Carroll’s Trucking property in Tisbury that allows for more package handling. The commission decided no public hearing was necessary, but said it would require representatives from UPS and Carroll’s Trucking to return before June 1 of next year with a detailed master plan.

A proposal to create five single-family home lots along Division Road, also known as Henry’s Path, in Edgartown will go to a public hearing next month. The plan came before the commission after hitting a snafu in March when the Edgartown planning board endorsed the lot as a Form A ANR (approval not required) without a commission concurrence review.

Any ANR over three lots requires a concurrence review under MVC rules.

The public hearing will be held on June 14.