Commission Will Review Santander Bank Roof Work

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission voted unanimously Thursday to review the replacement of a Spanish tile roof on the historic Stone Bank in Vineyard Haven.

Santander Bank Roof Work Under Scrutiny

After getting a new roof last year, the stone bank in Vineyard Haven that dates to the early 20th century may need to go back to its old look. The commission will decide whether to review the project.

MVC Wraps Up Year, Approving Business Expansions

At its last meeting of the year, the Martha’s Vineyard Commission breezed through three deliberations on commercial DRI proposals.

Commission Clears Wavelengths Building for Completion

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission has agreed to pardon a series of unapproved changes to the Wavelengths hair salon building in Edgartown.

Oak Bluffs Appointment to MVC Stalls

Oak Bluffs selectmen again postponed a decision about their appointment to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission after lengthy discussion Tuesday.

Survey Highlights Need for Year-Round Rental Housing

A Martha’s Vineyard Commission survey confirms a stark contrast between the needs of renters and homeowners on the Island.

Fate of Historic Oak Bluffs Cottage to Be Decided

The fate of a historic cottage near the Oak Buffs Library will likely be decided early next year. The owner of the 650-square foot summer home wants to tear it down.

Commercial Expansions Occupy MVC

A slate of commercial projects are under review by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, including a plan for employee housing above the Lampost in Oak Bluffs, and a new hotel in Edgartown.

A Look at the Vineyard in the 21st Century

How’s this for a long view of the Vineyard, let’s say some time after the year 2000 when this fragile Island enters the 21st century.
  • A summer population of as much as 260,000.
  • More than 40,000 buildings situated on only 64,000 acres of Vineyard land.
  • Miles upon miles of asphalt roads criss-crossing back and forth across the length and breadth of the Island.
  • Housing construction riveted to rigid, evenly spaced grid plans, like another Levittown.

Governor Sargent Signs State Bill

Gov. Francis W. Sargent came to Association Hall in Tisbury Saturday afternoon to sign the state land use control bill for the Vineyard - a bill that had its start in the same lovely white and blue meeting place in January of 1973.