New Workforce Housing Plan Pitched

Michael Kim, the owner of Michael Kim Architecture in Brookline and the governor’s appointee on the commission, presented a study last week to the MVC that looked at the viability of housing for workers on employer-owned properties across the Island.

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Martha’s Vineyard Commission Reviews Key Golf Development

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission will decide this week whether to review as a development of regional impact (DRI) a plan to build a private golf club on some 200 acres of Edgartown Great Pond land.

At a public hearing on Thursday night, the commission will discuss the referral of the proposal by Martha’s Vineyard Golf Club Inc. and Meetinghouse Golf L.L.C., a group which wants to build an 18-hole golf course on the MacKenty land in Edgartown.

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Forum on Environmental Mediation Turns to Discussion of Golf Courses

Golf courses dominated the discussion following a lecture on the role of environmental mediation in resolving public policy and site disputes last Tuesday evening. Held at the Wakeman Center in Vineyard Haven, the lecture was sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, The Wampanoag Tribe of Aquinnah and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

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Scientists and Residents Attack Golf Course Plan

A group of developers who want to build a golf course along the Edgartown Great Pond heard a team of scientists dismantle their environmental science last night, alongside an outpouring of statements from a striking array of Vineyard residents who urged the Martha’s Vineyard Commission in passionate tones to reject the golf course plan.

“We need to think about Martha’s Vineyard and why do we all live here?” said Tara Hickman.

“Trade a natural piece of heaven on earth for a manicured, hyper-fertilized artificial landscape? No thank you,” declared Liz Bradley.

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Pesticide Use at Proposed Golf Course Sharply Questioned at Public Hearing

For the second week running last night, a plan to build an 18-hole golf course along the Edgartown Great Pond was subjected to a tough public grilling for more than three and a half hours on everything from pesticide use to membership policies.

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Golf Course Development Project Raise Controversies on Two Separate Fronts

A key subcommittee of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission began deliberating this week on a proposal for a private 18-hole golf club on the Edgartown Great Pond, but not before a brittle debate that saw one member of the MVC launch a harsh personal attack on a fellow commissioner.

The commission land use planning committee (LUPC) is expected to develop recommendations on the Meeting House Golf Club project in the next couple of weeks.

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MVC Asks for Three-Week Extension In Considering Golf Course Proposal

The executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission said this week that the regional land use commission will ask the developers for the Meeting House Golf Club project to agree to a three-week extension for the review process.

“The setting and the site are of such a complicated nature that the time frame does not allow us to adjust,” said MVC executive director Charles Clifford. “It is basically to give us a little more time to digest exactly what it is that the applicant has submitted,” he added.

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Golf Developers Lobby Officials; MVC Commission Is Badly Split

The developers who want to build a golf course along the Edgartown Great Pond jacked up the pressure this week in an attempt to gain favorable votes from members of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

Opponents of the golf course project also are waging a lobbying campaign, including a series of paid advertisements, but the campaign by the developers is now clearly accompanied by high-pressure tactics more commonly seen in Boston than on the Cape and Islands.

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Golf Plan Divides MVC Committee

A sharply divided subcommittee of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission completed an evaluation of a proposal for a golf club along the Edgartown Great Pond with little in the way of accord this week, but decided to wait one more week before voting on a recommendation on the project.

“This committee is not going to come up with a clear recommendation,” declared commission member Linda Sibley.

“The committee is going to come out with two reports,” concluded commission member Jennie Greene.

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Influence Peddling by Top State Officials Revealed in Critical Vote on Golf Plan

High-ranking state officials associated with the office of Gov. Paul Cellucci put heavy pressure on members of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission in an unabashed attempt to win votes in favor of the Meetinghouse Golf Club project in Edgartown, the Gazette has learned.

The commission rejected the golf club project by a one-vote margin three months ago.

A longtime member of the commission who has been a governor’s appointed member for 20 years admitted this week that she was pressured by a high-ranking state official to vote in favor of the Meetinghouse Golf project.

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